Appreciation to SEF

I really appreciate all SEF staff effort. My visa approved for July intake in Sinjuku. Thanks a lot Rabita San, Jeevan Sensei.... Dhiraj Sensei and all the Samurai Team


SaBtra Chaudhary

Thank you Samurai Team

Thank you Samurai Team for helping me to achive my dream to study in Japan. Visa approved for July Session. Leaving on 15 July to tokyo. ... thanks a lot to Jeevan Sensei for his effort ... and as well as all Samurai Staffs.


-- Suman Rai

Thank you Samurai Education Foundation

Thank you Samurai Education Foundation which give us opportunity for abroad study in Japan specially thanks for: Dhiraj Bahadur Joshi and Jeevan Shrestha and entire team of Samurai.


-- Gole Golay (Surendra Tamang)

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